Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stem Cell Transplant

Well I haven't posted in a while. I am still working and sort of resting while I can. By the way a couple of posts ago I was talking about getting the highest average check as being my goal. Well for the month of March I achieved that. It is not like winning the wine contest where is is flat out decided by number of sales.

There is a lot of caveats to having the highest check average. First of all there were others who did more covers for the month than I. Also you have to take into account the amount if children who sat in your section each month who usually will bring your check average down etc..So even though I finished on top it is sort of a not get too excited about it win but I was happy with the result anyway.

Also I have some personal health news. As some of you know during the winter I had some blood issues where I had a bone marrow biopsy done and thankfully showed I was cancer free. But after further analysis of my blood work the hematologist has advised me to get on the Ontario Health Plan so I can get some injections once a week for 3 months to try to kick start my lazy blood cells which are basically doing nothing to fight off infection or viruses. I have a sore throat almost all the time. I get tired easily which explains for the second time in 6 weeks I had to go for a blood transfusion the other day to give my hemoglobin a boost.

Bottom line is whether these injections work or not the maximum is for 2 years I will be taking these once a week shots.

I need ultimately a bone marrow transplant. This will increase my life span by decades the doctor said as opposed to living maybe 5 more years. So within a year or two this is what is on the horizon.

This might mean I may be off for up to a year afterwards till I can return to work. That may mean instead of waiting on tables I may do something else, who knows?

Fortunately the doctor said I am still young at 58 to receive a transplant but I am not so sure when I am 60 I want to return to waiting on tables.

First thing first though is to get on the health plan so I can pay as little as possible of this $600 an injection. Then they will set me up with the clinic in Hamilton to start on the transplant work.

Meanwhile we have a family holiday on Myrtle Beach planned for at the end of July. Some R and R before this starts is definitely on the schedule.

Some interesting times lay ahead. At least finally after so many years of trouble with my blood something is being done. There is a plan to get me well.


DUTA said...

Look on the bright side of things. You're not in the dark. You know what the problem is and how it can and will , with God's help, be solved. In the meantime, you could try to see what alternative medicine has to offer in your case. Feel well!

Steven Nicolle said...

Thank you Duta! Yes I am being positive. At least there is a game plan now to see through.