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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Safeguard Yourself if Your Food is Delayed

Sometimes the kitchen is backed up and your food is arriving really late. What do you do?

First of all if you know their entree is gong to come out in 30 minutes and they only ordered one appetizer amongst the four of them do not ring in the appetizer right away. Stagger the service. Get their bread and wait 5 minutes before ringing it in. This will take another 5 minutes before they get the appetizer  so when they gobble it down in 3 minutes it will not seem as long waiting for that main course. Don't clear the empty appetizer plate so quickly. They will think their mains are on their way. Offer more bread and see how their drinks are doing. Let them know the kitchen is busy but you are on top of it.

As long as they hear you say it they relax more. Make a joke with them, don't show panic or they will panic and get all peeved off like you don't know what is going on.

Be always smiling and happy. Like the waiters at these resorts in the Caribbean.

If you make a big deal of anything they will.

Sometimes as a waiter there are things that happen that can ruin the flow of service. Try not to let that throw you. You will not win 100% of the time but managers will love you if you can relax guests. Especially if they do not have to buy anything for them cause their meal arrived late.

Always be aware of how things are going on in the kitchen. Same works if appetizers are taking a long time. Judge accordingly.

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