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Monday, May 15, 2017

Probably My Best Attribute as a Waiter

Well we just finished up another Mother's Day weekend which is a sign of good weather and warm hot sunny summer days ahead of which I am looking forward to with great anticipation.

Working on these busy days when the main objective is to flip tables and get the next one in as quickly as possible is probably where I have to say is my strength.

I can take the order very quickly and get the meal going for the guest. When I go to a table I give them my greeting, outline the feature and do very little talking. Usually I am there real fast so a lot of the time they may not even know what they want to drink so I point out the wine list and drink menu and then say I will be back in a couple of minutes so they can have some time to decide what they like.

Then I check my other tables to see how they are doing and if they need anything or I can start clearing some plates. If I am triple sat I do the same thing as I did above.

When I go back I get their drink order and I also ask if they have decided on what they want to eat. Sometimes you get a yes and I take the whole drink and food order. Same for the other tables.

I don't waste any time getting the order in.

When I worked in Terminal 3 at Pearson Airport I worked in a place called Fionn MacCools and the cooks always said to me that every other chit that came into the kitchen seemed to be my food order. I had a big section and at the airport everyone wants their food fast before they have to hurry off and catch their flight. Well I used to take minimum 3 orders at the same time and punch them up all at once. It was no wonder I used to do over a 100 covers during a shift.

Yes when it comes to taking an order I am all business taking the order in because I know no matter what tip they leave I will still get a chance to get a bigger one on my next round. That is sometimes what it is all about is driving up the numbers.

So I take the order correctly and enter it correctly and let the kitchen do the work from there. All I have to do is table service from that moment on.

That is the fun part for me.

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