Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's All in How You Say It

We have this feature on soft shell dungeness crab going on at work. For the first little while I couldn't get anyone interested in ordering it.

Then I changed how I worded it.

Instead of saying our feature is "soft shell dungeness crab then going on to explain a little about it like where it is from etc..

Now I say " soft shell Pacific Coast dungeness crab."  Why this works better is because  I think the first one is kind of generic sounding while the second one adding Pacific Coast in the middle gives it a more emotional appeal. Like yeah the Pacific Coast...

Sometimes when you are featuring an entree it may come down to how you word it. In the second example I rarely need to go any further to sell it. The first example still left a lot of questions to be answered.

In this case less is more and I am selling more of it. Wording is important make no mistake about it. We have to appeal to the emotion of whatever it is we are selling to get people interested.

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