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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sometimes People Just Tip Me Like Crazy

The other night wasn't a particularly busy night. It was coming near the end of Spring Break with the next day everyone returning back to normal. Kids going back to school and the parents who were on vacation back to work.

I got sat a two top. They had an enjoyable meal and left me just over $30 on a $142 bill. Not a bad start I thought. Then I got sat an 8 top. Their bill came to $428 and change. The guy who was paying had $500 in gift cards. On his last gift card he had $71 plus change left. He said it was for me. Not bad I am on a roll I thought.

Then I got sat a 6 top. They left me $50. My final table I got sat a 7 top. My last table of the night, my 4th table and that guy left me $81.

So after tip out I walked out of there with $187. Not bad for 4 tables. Sometimes things just go your way. In fact all weekend was pretty good. It is nice to be rewarded.

*  *  *  *  *

On a health update I finally got my bone marrow biopsy results. My appointment was set to meet this hematologist at the Cancer center in Kitchener. Fearing the worst because of the location I was resigned to the fact that I had leukemia or lymphoma. 

I was waiting in the doctor's office and was overjoyed to find out that in fact I had no cancer. There was no imminent danger. Despite the relief they are still not sure what it is they are going to do about what I have. So yesterday I had to do some blood work and they took 14 vials of blood. I see the doctor again in 6 weeks so let's hope with the good weather making it's way here as Spring arrives my life will return to some normalcy.

I should start blogging a bit more often as well now that things have settled down for me.

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