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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bad Blood

Yes I know I have not blogged in a week. Unfortunately this past Sunday I was at the hospital all day.

For those of you who do not know my immune system does not have enough WBC in it to fight infection so I come down with a sore throat often which turns into a fungal infection.

Now I did get a bone marrow biopsy on January 30th but still waiting for the results. My blood has bad reading written all over it so it is easy to see what I am down in and high in but the thing is no one can fix anything until they know what is causing the cells not to function properly.

So when I go to emergency it is like a cat and mouse game when the doctors do not know what to do because they do not know how to fix it permanently. Instead I get a prescription for $182 to fix the fungal infection which is fine but soon there will be another infection until the source problem is located.

The cells could be stuck in my enlarged spleen for example. No one knows. That is until the bone marrow biopsy results arrive. Meanwhile I have CT Scan done on throat, x-rays on throat and chest, ultrasound on liver and spleen, HIV test, Hepatitis test, and of course numerous blood tests.

Sometimes these test can be up to two months until they come back. I thought perhaps if there was no hurry to get back to me that was good news. I was told by the operating doctor it would be 2-4 weeks.

It is a bit of a pain but now that I know it may take a couple of months when it comes in that will be the day it comes in and there is not much I can do about that. The problem is each time my throat gets it I cannot eat well so I lose weight. I was just gaining back some weight after the last session then it happens again.

It has been really since January 1st since I felt 100% and here it is March already so hopefully we get this straightened out soon and I can enjoy the summer. For those of you who are hematologist out there here is some results from last month. I know there are worse out there but here is mine.
You may need glasses to read this but you get the idea by the HI and LO


DUTA said...

For a sore throat I squeeze a lemon (or two if neccessary) and drink the undiluted juice. It works for me. In winter, during the flu season I usually take a capsule a day of Echinacea which strengtens immunity. Feel better soon!

Steven Nicolle said...

I will remember that if I ever get just a sore throat.