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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wine Feature and Benefit Sales

Next week I should be heading back to work all rested up and with some fat on my body.

There is a new wine feature going on since I have been away so everyone has a head start by a couple of weeks before I get started on it.

The last sales contest despite the fact I was away most of the last two weeks of it ended up with me running away with it. I had about $1437 in sales while the second and third place runners up had $760 and $700 respectively.

It was my second win in a row this time winning an overnight stay at the winery. Hopefully the time I have to use this prize is in the future and not something I missed already due to my illness.

One of the big things I learned when I used to do sales is learning to keep your mouth shut. I use to do a lot of door to door sales and what I learned is people buy with emotion. Sometimes you have to outline the feature and benefits.

For example when you say what feature the wine has such as nice tannins it really means nothing until you say it will go good with your steak you will be eating. The tannins are the feature and how good it will go with your steak is a benefit. The emotional part is how tasty that would go with your steak.

Or let's say you are trying to sell a more expensive bottle of wine. You may say something like rather than order that bottle of wine for just a couple of dollars more per person you can have this higher quality bottle of wine that not only will be a better match for your meal but will give you an opportunity to try a wine that is really outstanding value. The feature would be for a few dollars more for a higher quality bottle of wine and the benefit (emotion ) would be outstanding value and better match for you meal.

Just remember when you give the features and benefits ask if they would like a glass or bottle whatever it is you are selling. Then wait for the answer.

Remember once you ask you have to shut up and wait for the answer. You may get no which is common. Or you may get give us some time to think about it which you leave and let them think about it. Or it's a yes.

But never interrupt their thinking when you ask cause the first one to talk loses in sales. If you talk first they are off the hook and you never get the sale.

So there you go my blah blah on wine sales at the table.

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