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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Difference Between a Waiter and a Manager

In Canada it seems like if you are a manager you have always worked longer hours than a waiter and if you were to take the wages of both on a weekly basis we will probably find that on an hourly dollar average for sure a waiter makes more money.

Now back in the day as I mentioned on a previous post when a waiter worked full time at 40 hours a week that would amount to a lot of money when you add in all the tips you would make. But nowadays most restaurants will only hire part time meaning that a pay check for a waiter might only add up to 40 hours every two weeks making it harder to earn a living at just one job. So you have many waiters working at a full time job during the week and moonlighting at a waiter job part time at night.

Unlike a full time waiter 30 years ago where being a waiter was a full time profession a part time waiter nowadays only waits on tables for some extra cash and many enjoy the social benefits that go with it. A lot just spend the tips and socialize heavily after work either eating or drinking their tips away. Live for today and besides they have their real job during the day. Most waiters today are single unlike many years ago when you saw more married. This is simply because the way the system is set up now what married person who has a family to support would want a job that is 20 hours a week and up and down as far as income is concerned. That meaning busy vs. slow times.

Now a manager who works more hours who might might start at a lower take home pay than a waiter is thinking more long term. This person knows that once he/she gets into management that there is a ladder upward and is looking at the Hospitality Industry as a profession and that in a few years not only will they be making more as a general manager for example or hotel director they will also have the benefit package such as medical, dental, vision that for a family is a big bonus. Did I say most of the managers out there are past the party stage and probably in long term relationships. Not all married mind you but settled. They tend to go home after work to another life whereas the waiter's social life revolves around work because everyone they know works when they do not and is off when they are working. Thus the reason usually a waiter will meet and go out with someone at work.

What I am saying is because the industry has changed so much it might be better now to head straight into management. Pretty soon there is a chance the waiter may just be replaced by technology anyway. At airports now some restaurants you just order your meal off an IPad then someone brings it out to you when it is ready. Hardly work enough for anyone to leave a tip.

So by golly if you are looking for a career in an industry that is booming take a degree in hotel / food and beverage management. Wait a bit on tables and tend bar but as soon as you can get into a hotel or casual fine dining establishment and move through their management training program because the opportunities are limitless. Work anywhere you want. Live in a warm climate, skip the winter etc..

Work on cruise ships like I did. I wrote about it in my book.

A waiter is short term and there only a short time because who can live on 20 hours a week? A manager is there long term and securing his future with good pay and benefits. That is the difference.

After spending a long time in the industry if I was starting out at 20 years old again in today's environment I would get in with a big company and move up quickly. There are no ( I know of one) jobs that you work full time hours anymore as a waiter or bar tender.

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