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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Choose Where You Want to Live

It appears more and more each day that one has to be prepared if the jobs run out where they are living. Working in an occupation that does not provide any flexibility will make you prone to a sudden closing or layoffs  and then where do you go from there?

A lot of manufacturing plants have gone the way of the dinosaur and fled to other countries leaving the worker who was depending on that one place to feed his or her family wondering what to do next. Or, in the case of the oil fields here in Canada a sudden glut in oil occurs. The price of oil drops like a rock and immediately oil production stops and huge layoffs ensue leaving the worker with less income and big bills to pay.

This happens all the time. Then these same people complain of having a rough ride and how the company or government will not help them out.

The only way people can be in control of their future is to choose a career that you can take with you wherever you go and do it that well that you will always be in good demand. That means continuously educate yourself and gain the experience.

For example, even though the hours can be long in the hospitality industry one who works in the profession will always have the choice of where they want to live and work. Make no mistake companies are always looking for the best and will do the work visa for you if needed.

I mention long hours but anyone nowadays knows that working long hours sometimes is what you have to do to reach the top. Working is easy if you are passionate enough for it. A doctor is no different. Long hours but look at the rewards of higher income and saving people's lives. In a sense working in a restaurant can be no different. Service is making other people happy. Then you get rewarded.

So maybe in retirement I should head to a warmer climate to escape the winters here. Now that would be an idea wouldn't it!

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