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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An Anesthesiologist Makes $600,000 a Year in Toronto

Okay I knew they made a lot of money but that much I did not know. This professional is the one who comes to talk to you before your operation about what he/she is going to administer to you in the way of drug so you will not feel any pain during and after your operation.

The anesthesiologist is the person who gives the patient the most drugs of anyone and must be well trained so that he gives the right one and the right amount. His dosage has to be exact. More dosage and it could kill you and too little you can feel a lot of pain.

Their training takes many years. As well as going through medical school they work another few years internship and during that time they get experience in critical care units. They learn pain management, resuscitation, coronary, and other life saving procedures.

Then they have to write an exam to be a certified anesthesiologist and to do their craft.

You might be wondering why I bring this subject and profession up. Today there is much emphasis on STEM. That is SCIENCE - TECHNOLOGY- ENGINEERING - MATHEMATICS.

The well paying careers of tomorrow will be under one of these. I do not see RESTAURANTS or HOSPITALITY. Yet the biggest growth industry nowadays is the service industry. The one where someone can work the most and make the least pay per hour.

This is because it is so easy to enter. You do not need an education to do it. I should  know having taken only a bar tending course for $48 at the time. Manufacturing is also another industry where you start on an assembly line and work your way up. Those jobs are going quickly and being replaced by robots that do not make any mistakes like a human would.

So why do we need more immigrants to come to Canada you may wonder. Well when is the last time anybody went to the doctor here and he/she wasn't Indian? They are excellent doctors but I never see a Canadian doing the operations anymore. My doctors are all Indian and the one who did my hernia operation was Indian and although my bone marrow biopsy was done by a Canadian he was set to retire.

STEM is where it is at nowadays. They are trying in schools now to get the kids to be interested in the sciences. I always tell my oldest boy who is in Grade 10 take the science and math courses and do well in them. He may discover later that might be the way to go. At least know them.

In  my opinion if a young person skips STEM courses look forward to a bleak future. Even a construction foreman has to know mathematics to erect a building.

If you are thinking of a bar tending course today just starting out like I did, skip it and if you can get help or take a government student loan make up your mind and specialize in either one of the four above.

It may take longer to get your certification but it will pay itself off quickly. Either that or live your life working long hours at many jobs for menial pay.

The choice is up to you!

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