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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thankful for Canadian Health Care System

As you may know already I have had some health issues this past month (see previous posts). All I can say is I am thankful to be living in Canada rather than let's say the United States.

Why is that well I will tell you. In the past month I have had 3 visits to emergency at the hospital. I have a trip to the doctor referred to me by the hospital and another trip this coming Friday. Yesterday I had a bone marrow biopsy scheduled exactly one week after the need came up that I should have one.

I know still there will be more trips to the doctor and blood test to go along with it and probably some treatments thereafter.

Upon coming home yesterday I stopped for a second to ponder how much this would have all cost me if I lived somewhere and there was no health coverage. Probably 5-10 thousand dollars minimum with the operation and all the visits. That might even be a low figure.

So how much did it cost me? Zero dollars! All I had to do was show my health card.

That was it. Yet there are others who think our health care system is a joke. Those others have no health care system or if they do they want to do away with it.

In the past I have had the opportunity to move to the U.S. and each time when I thought about it a second time I had to say no because I did not see the social safety net available should anything go wrong and I got sick and lost income at the same time. Especially in the restaurant industry.

It would not only be a financial burden on my family but on their health as well. In the past few years my son had to go to Sick Kids twice. He almost died. My wife has had a hysterectomy and other things that required medical attention. If we had to pay for all this how would we get ahead? Loss of income, medical bills, swimming in debt. Not a pretty picture it would have been.

So summing up I just want to thank the Canadian Health Care System. It may not be perfect but compared to other countries it does pretty good.

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