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Monday, January 2, 2017

Putting Out Fires

Welcome back and Happy New Year 2017 to all of you! I hope all you restaurant front and back of house workers made it through okay. Now we can take a big sigh of relief and get ready for this upcoming year.

For my first post of the year I am going to talk about a seasonal resort I worked at that had a lot of skiers in the winter and golfers in the summer. As a waiter I prefer golfers to serve on because they don't bring their kids with them and usually with golfers they appear to have a bit more disposable income than your family on a weekend package they spent all their money on and tip accordingly.

This particular resort I worked at was not your run of the mill resort. It had all the amenities, game rooms, ski hills, golf course, pool, multiple lounge and bars as well.

I worked in the dining room of course and given the same section every night. Especially every Saturday when the throngs of people would arrive for their weekend getaway.

It was a part of the dining room that was circular and raised. Only by a few steps but it sort of made it stand out in the dining room. There were about 9 tables with one circular table in the middle where if the owners wanted to dine that would be their table.

Well what would happen is I would get the warning beforehand that such and such a table had to wait 2 hours before they could check into their room so you better wow them with your service. Or another table there was no champagne in the room as planned when they checked in . No flowers, no extra pull out sofa etc. etc.

So I was the guy who would make their stay more enjoyable after dinner and I was the hero.

Unfortunately their tip was included in their package. Guess what the tip was?

Three dollars per person. So for a $60 meal I would receive a $3 tip. Some of the guests would ask how much I received as a tip and I had to tell them $3 per person. Each person that I told was appalled and opened their wallet up to leave me another $20.

The bad thing was we had to split up the cash at the end of the night so out went the tip. Our paycheck was based on a point basis with each waiter given a predetermined percentage of the total charged tips for their total shifts over 2 weeks. I didn't stay long with this system. After getting taxed again on the $3 I figured what was the point.

But I was the fireman when I worked there that is for sure. I lasted six months at this place.

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