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Friday, January 20, 2017

One Day at a Time ( A Letter to My Co-Workers )

I feel compelled tonight to tell you of my health situation. I wasn't going to mention anything till later but since I have missed days the last few weeks and I have been literally unable to get well perhaps I should let you know. This is the best way as I am sure some of you are wondering what is really going on.

As you may recall back around New Year's Eve I started to get a real sore throat and was unable really to swallow anything. My glands were swelling and in general I felt like crap.

On New Year's Day I said to the family let's go out for brunch. Hoping to enjoy it I was at best nibbling on the celery and carrots unable to enjoy the succulent Prime Rib that was on the buffet. So I drove everyone home and off I went to a place I have already been 3 times since August that being emergency at Guelph General. Knowing ahead of time I was going to be looked at and given the usual amoxicillin antibiotic to clear it up. 3 pills a day for 10 days.

Working that week I didn't feel like I was getting better. Usually that stuff works like a charm. A week later on January 8th the Saturday I woke up like there was no improvement at all. My throat was painful and once again the glands were swollen. My weight meanwhile is dropped and I felt like crap again.

Off to emergency again to get something stronger this time. This flu or whatever it is is not going away. I get this RN who gives me some steroids, a needle in the arm for pain. I said to the guy you may as well do some blood work to see how my white blood cell count is. I have a history of low immunity and unfortunately with what happened to the first dose of meds that didn't work I thought maybe it is getting lower. I last had my blood checked before we moved last summer. It wasn't good then.

So the blood results come back and they are really bad. Not only are my white blood cell counts low but so are the red blood cell counts and platelets. He says no wonder I am not getting better. Then he checks my spleen and liver out and they seem a bit enlarged. So off he sends me for an abdominal ultrasound which I am accustomed to from previous doctor to monitor the size of my spleen. That comes back and they are both enlarged. I have a chest x-ray to check if it shows up anything but that turns out fine. Now he wants to find me a bed in the hospital! I have been there for 6 hours now. He wants to find a doctor who can do some more tests on me. Finally a doctor tells him that based on the results I should be okay to go home.

But before I go he gives me a prescription for Clindamycin. Obviously a stronger antibiotic 4 x 300mg a day for 10 days this time. After working with that a few days at work and side effects happening inside my mouth I had to get off them with again no improvement in my throat or swelled glands. Now I am getting really bothered by this.

Meanwhile that Monday I called this internist up about my blood and I make the appointment for the following week figuring I should be better by then after taking these new pills. Which as I mentioned above was not the case.

Before my appointment Thursday I went to the emergency again to check if it was Mono. The nurse said what are you doing here you should be seeing Dr. Awal. I said I am this afternoon but I want to check if I have Mono. A few hours later I have no Mono. Test was negative.

So off I go now to the internist and he is very thorough. A very smart man I can tell. He gives me 4 pages of blood work to do. I went today and was unable to do it cause one of the blood samples can only be done Monday to Wednesday. Some of these samples are going to Mount Sinai Hospital, to London Ontario somewhere and other places. I have another appointment with him in two weeks at 3:45. I have to have this bone marrow biopsy done that I have put off in the past. There is no getting away from it. My immunity is shot.

So I have to get this bone marrow biopsy done very quickly so they can see what is going on. He said this is not going to be easy to find cause I have really no symptoms of what I should have with these low blood counts. So as soon as this surgeon gets back from his ski vacation probably the beginning or middle of February I will get this done. Then I will be referred to a hematologist.

What it could be we don't know. But something is not right.

By the way they didn't give me any more meds to get rid of this throat problem. I guess they want my body to fight it off by itself. Probably to get ready for what lies ahead...

So it is still soft food, sucking on Werthers hard candy to soothe the throat, and pain pills. I lay around a lot and read. My tongue still bugs me.

Thanks for helping out and picking up shifts as well. I just figured this is lasting too long to not fill you all in. I thought I would be over this. The doctors don't even care about it anymore it's all about the blood.

One day at a time...


DUTA said...

Be well soon!

Corina H. said...

Steve, I am pulling for you! Here's hoping there turns out to be a solution for your symptoms; not knowing is hard. Sending healing vibes your way!

Steven Nicolle said...

Thank you Duta!

Steven Nicolle said...

Thank you Corina!