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Monday, January 16, 2017

Here is What a Waiter Has To Do To Flip Their Tables

Most of the time when we work in a restaurant that is fine casual dining you have at the most 4 tables in your section and even sometimes 3 tables when it is a busy night when a lot of staff has been scheduled. So how you make money really depends on how many turns you can do in your section.

In order to flip your tables faster you have to do this one thing. Make sure before you head back to the kitchen you check all your tables. A lot of waiters have tunnel vision and concentrate on one table at a time. In order to advance your tables you have to touch or make eye contact with each table.

Let's say you are getting a drink order for one table. Check before you ring it in if any of your other tables need a drink as well. If someone has just placed a food order with you make sure your other tables have all placed their food order as well. If you are triple sat check if the other tables are ready to order food as well. Tell each table the features at the same time and get a drink order if you can.

If a table has just left and you are clearing the remaining couple of glasses check the other tables to see if you can remove any glasses there as well.

One Maitre'd I worked said  when you deliver food always give an eye check to your other tables afterwards. He said when people want something it is usually when they see you delivering something to another table.

Always be trying to save as many steps as possible. By doing so you will not only be flipping your tables faster but because of your attentiveness probably getting a higher check average as well.

When billing tables if you have been doing your work properly you will probably be billing more than just one table because you have been diligent in moving the meal process along evenly throughout your section.

There is nothing better than billing 2-3 tables all at the same time and clearing them off to get another round of tables coming up. That is how you make money. On sheer volume.

You may not hit a home run every table but the chances of recovering from a bad tipper is greatly enhanced if you do not let it bother you and keep flipping those tables. You will have a good night in the end.

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