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Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Mail Box Probably Saved my Life One Night

About 12 years ago I worked in this place out in the country at a restaurant that also had rooms upstairs for overnight guests.

The creepy thing about working there was as always when you work in a place like this there is always a ghost story that goes with it. As I was the last guy to turn the lights off and lock the door and set the alarm, it was always a magical moment if you knew no one was upstairs but there was always that faint noise you would hear that would make me run for the car. As well I always wondered how anyone could stay overnight knowing that not one person was in that place except for them.

Most nights I was the only waiter there. Just me and the chef who would be long gone after me. I would still be setting the tables or shining the silver long after he would go or at least it seemed like it in that old place.

One mild January night I decided rather than take the main road home to take this back road instead. I had traveled it once before and kind of liked the change of pace. Except this one night the temperature was just around freezing. As I was taking a turn I hit some black ice.

Luckily no other cars were coming the other way but I was all over the road. Out of control I was about to go off in the ditch when I hit this mailbox very hard. It saved me from going in the ditch but it literally flung my car up on it's side. Quite the feeling when you are in a car and suddenly you see everything flying to the passenger side. Luckily for me it didn't flip over but here I was sitting sideways with only my seat belt holding me in my seat and wondering how was I going to climb out.

No one was close by. It was weird. I managed to get my door open, undo my seat belt and climb on top and jump off. The scene was like I landed on the moon. Here I was in a vehicle which looked like it crash landed somewhere with all the stars out on a clear night. I noticed the underbelly of the car looking right at me.

Fortunately I had a cell phone that I eked out some coverage and phoned this lady's number whom I would phone in case there was a problem at work. I called the police who called the ambulance to check me out.

I was fine anyway and I got a lift home shortly afterwards. The car was a write off after being put back on it's wheels. It was old anyway so it was not worth fixing up.

The moral of this story is quite simple. No pretty back roads late at night in winter. Stick to the main roads!

A couple of weeks later without going through insurance companies the owner came by to the restaurant and I gave him money for a new mailbox. Probably worth it cause it saved me a head injury or even life to be sure!

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