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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Went Out for Breakfast and Got Some Poor Service

Usually I am quite understanding when a server is in the weeds and is running around. After all I am a server as well and have been in a lot of situations.

But this morning we decided to go out for breakfast since we haven't been out in ages and thought maybe now is the time to enjoy a meal out.

Our server came over pretty fast and got our juice and coffee order. Then came back right after to take our food order. Then he was gone.

Someone else brought the food out. What kind of ticked me off is he was a table away when we got out food. Never came over. The next time we saw him we had finished our meal and no offer of second cup of coffee happened till we asked for one. No quality check, nothing. We asked for the second cup and the bill.

He came back with the bill and sort of with a shrug of his shoulders said have a good Sunday whatever...

What an asshole! I left what I think was probably too much of a tip but it was out of pure sympathy. What you call a sympathy tip. It is when you feel bad for the guy then leave a bigger tip than the server deserves and never go back to the place.

It is funny because I had breakfast with the same restaurant chain last week with a buddy of mine in the next town. We got sat and then waited for 10 minutes before we had to hail down a busser to order a couple of coffees and if we can get a waiter. Brutal..

I know some waiters have bad days but in these two instances some acknowledgement when we sat down at one restaurant and at least a "How is Everything?" when we were eating our breakfast today would have have smoothed things over.

But alas even for this waiter going to these two restaurants is over with me. Spending $60 on breakfast today was not worth it. Next time I will go back to making pancakes and eggs at home until I find the next place to go to for breakfast.

The lesson today is for anyone in the service industry. It is a follow up when the meal comes out.

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