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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Earliest Shift I Ever Worked

Five years ago I worked what you could say was the earliest breakfast shift you could work as a waiter. I got a job at Fionn Maccools at Toronto International airport at Terminal 3.

I lived just over an hour away. The shift began either at 5:30 or 6:00am and ended 8 1/2 hours later so you also did the lunch rush as well. In fact it was never slow. No one can imagine an airport terminal being slow. People lining up then sitting at tables yet to be reset. Our sections were pretty big ranging from 8-10 tables.

On the average I guess I would do 70 covers. One shift I worked from 12:30-9pm and served 106 covers.

But to work breakfast I would shower the night before then set the alarm to wake me up at 4am. Then go downstairs and eat a banana, some yogurt, and grab a juice.

Walk out at 4:20 then take the 55 minutes to get to work. Park in the employee parking lot then take the train shuttle to the terminal. Wait for security to let me through and then be all chipper to greet that first guest as soon as I arrived.

After a while I got used to it but by 10pm that is was it for me. It was off to bed!

I would never rule out working breakfast again. As I get older I find my body changing. I wake up early no matter what and when I am off I usually am not up much past 10.

I guess that is why I see a lot of older people working breakfast.

By the way that 5:30 shift was not the earliest breakfast at the airport. There was a restaurant that opened at 3:30am!  That would be almost like working a midnight shift.

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