Lookin' Good at 58

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Choices Begin to Thin Out

As I look to 2017 I begin to realize the opportunities to do something really great in the hospitality industry are beginning to thin out.

In case you are reading this and about 35 years younger than I what I mean is when you get older the job market begins to dry up. The emphasis is on youth and that is what employers want. A lot say they may want the experience but really that might cost them a lot more than if they hired someone younger that they can train.

Anyway I get it. I have been lucky the last 11 years as really I have had 2 employers. Thanks to them I have been able to attend events at school when my kids were younger. They have treated me with respect and dignity and during this time I have met a great group of people.

It has not been easy to juggle working in the restaurant industry and being able to be home on Christmas Day or birthdays. The majority of jobs don't give a hoot about your family in this industry. Just look at where my wife works and during the school break they make her work every day doing split shifts. If she does not get the request she ask and what they promised in the first place in the next schedule she will give her notice. Simple you want to give the inexperienced people the schedule they want then my wife will have none of that.

I guess with my education and experience I should have been a manager by now but I chose the more flexible route. That being home for some things that were more important than serving guests at a table or working every school holiday.

I was looking at furthering my wine education by taking this course but I ask myself why bother spending a lot of money, graduating at 60 years old and then looking for something. That would be a total waste of time and energy.

When you go out for breakfast next time check out the age of most of the waiters. That is the green pasture for waiters who last this long. Doing breakfast.

Besides I got to get up to feed the cats on the weekend anyway. If I keep waking up at 6am that will be my next move. I just have to wrap my head around working breakfasts again.

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