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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Selling Wine

At work I have been selling this feature wine on a regular basis. So much so in fact that the last feature wine contest we had over an 8 week period I sold the most beating the second place runner up by $418. With that comes a trip to the vineyard to do the grand tour of winery and to experience some wine tastings paired with different cheeses. It should be a lot of fun and it does provide an incentive to go out and win the contest.

In this wine contest we have going right now the prize is an overnight stay at the winery's hotel, more wine tastings and some other prizes as well. So far halfway through I am leading this contest as well. Both wineries highlight the great wines coming out of Ontario these days.

It all brings me to the title of this post about selling wine. Not to boast but I have probably a pretty good wine knowledge compared to my co-workers but still you have to go out and sell it which I appear to have that firmly in grasp.

Here are some recommendations when trying to sell a particular wine.

1. Tell a story. What I mean by this is find out more about the winery and area to explain briefly where it is from and how this particular wine would be a real prize to try. It is not enough to just mention the winery and wine. People start to see your passion when you start using descriptive words to describe the wine. Vanilla and spice on the nose with some blueberry on the palate, nice tannins, goes great with steak. This grape variety grows great in this area etc. Knowledge is power. Have different kind of introductions to the wine so you can mix it up a bit.

2. When you tell the story make sure you are making some eye contact and be very excited about the wine.

3. Ask if they would like a glass. Of course with anything you have to ask if they would like to have a glass. If you do not ask then you lose that momentum. You have to be careful here and not be too pushy as they are the ones that will be paying for it and not you. I find though if they are not interested they will hear you out and move on. You will see it. If that is the case and you have read the table properly  you will know when to and when not to ask. I found that some sales all the guest needs to be convinced of your conviction is to be asked.

4. Remember a lot less buy than will buy. But the main thing to win a contest is to be ready each and every shift to sell the wine. It only takes a table to order a bottle of wine to put you near or at the top.

5. Last of all is to have some fun with it. It is more to see how well you can do rather than how well you compare with others.

Hope some pointers here will help you increase your wine sales and hopefully put you over the top.

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