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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Music To My Ears

I cannot speak for other waiters but one of the difficult things a waiter has to do is coffee set-ups and tea set-ups when the guest orders them after a meal. It is not like they are difficult but they can be time consuming when you are in a pinch and need to attend to others tasks.

Coffees and teas are definitely a guest average enhancer and you cannot go without offering them after clearing their plates away and handing them a dessert menu.

It is just some of the time you head back to get coffee and the last one who emptied the coffee container did not make a new one. Or there are some specialty coffees you need to make and you need to froth the milk for cappuccino.

Any waiter would prefer espressos over cappuccinos and definitely lattes. The machine does all the work for you when have an espresso to do.

A couple of time saving tips for the coffee order is ask first if they prefer cream or milk. Do not always assume they want cream with their coffee. This will save you running back to the kitchen for the milk.

Another one if you bring the sugar out with the coffee order is to ask if they like sweetener. It has happened to me before that I bring out the sugar and then someone wants sweetener.

My favorite is when they say they want their coffee black when you ask them milk or cream. But just to make sure ask them if they want sugar. Black is black and sugar is a different story. Don't assume they mean no sugar as well. How many times has it happened that someone says they take their coffee black and you bring it out and they ask for the sugar. So make sure ask them if they want sugar.

If they say no they just want it black with no sugar, all you have to do is pour the coffee in the cup and that's it.

Now that is music to my ears! Black coffee, no problem!

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