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Friday, December 16, 2016

How Do Major Snowstorms Affect Your Restaurant?

That is a big dilemma this time of year when a lot of restaurants stand to make a higher revenue than at any other part of the year. Christmas parties, groups of people, walk-ins all celebrating the festive season and getting together.

However when there is a snowstorm and the roads are bad this can spell revenue loss that is counted upon by the owners.

Last night we had bad weather. Seventy cancellations. But here is my question. Why is it so many people cancel yet we still get the walk-ins? If the weather was that bad why wouldn't the reservations show up? A lot of them being big parties of 15 or more.

I think there are a couple of trains of thought on the reason why parties are so quick to cancel.

1. It is an excuse not to get together. Let's say the people going to this party are not all excited about it. Here is the excuse.

2. Money saved through canceling. Now they maybe will do something less expensive like have a pot luck at work.

3. Of course driving home could be a problem especially if they have had a few drinks. This would be understandable.

4. In my opinion getting together for an outing at Christmas is not what it used to be. Many companies have cut back and due to different religious beliefs now in the work place compared to 20 years ago many people do not even celebrate this time of year. So why bother going out?

These are just a few of my thoughts.

If you would like to comment or add some of yours' I would like to hear them.

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