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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


For those of us who work as a server we can get extremely busy at times.

But there is no excuse for dumping! What is dumping you ask? It is when a server clears some plates from a table and instead of taking it right back to the dish pit they decide to  dump them at the point of sale station. The point of sale station being the small area where the servers punch up their order, water jugs are handy to pour water, and the bill folds are found. Maybe a couple of trays and of course a credit card machine will be found as well.

When a server decides to dump a bunch of stacked up dirty plates at the station instead of taking them straight to the dish pit this person is out of control. An example would be the waiter clears the main course plates and the table ask for the bill. That doesn't mean they cannot wait 1 minute till you get back from the dish pit to give them their bill. But the server thinks oh I have to give them the bill right away. Then what happens after that is the dishes sit there.

This also happens if a table has to be greeted. They dump everything and run to the new table. No the right thing to do is go over to the table with your hands full of dirty dishes to say I will be right over. They are not going to say dump those plates we need you right now!

What I do not understand is if it is a slow night the same people still dump their dishes at the station.

Which brings up my question, who is running the section is it the server, or the people sitting in their section?

If a person has to dump their plates everywhere and they have a 3-4 table section it makes me wonder.

The only exception I would make is if it was a wine glass perhaps. But even then it's not fair to your work mates to leave stuff at the station. If you break down the time it takes to dump your plates at the station or take them straight to the dish pit the difference is less than a minute. That is all.

So no dumping!!

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