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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Service Industry is Taking Over and Employers Will Have to Change

A couple of decades ago the new jobs came from the manufacturing industry and the energy sector. Although there is a lot of jobs still being created in these industries in certain areas of the country they are facing increasing competition from decisions made elsewhere.

Oil prices fall and workers get laid off,  or a manufacturing plant decides to relocate to a country where costs are minimal so jobs are terminated.

This is why the Bank of Canada governor mentioned on the last fiscal update that the service industry is becoming the number one job creator. There is no shortage of restaurants and hotels opening up and they need experienced staff both in front of the house and back of the house.

Perhaps now people will start thinking about the service industry as a career and employers will get back to looking for good employees and giving them the full time hours and benefits they deserve like back in the 80's when I started out.

The only way employers will ever find those loyal employees is to stop treating them like they are not going to stay very long and cultivate an atmosphere so they will never want to leave.

That will be the only way employers will avoid having a revolving door of service employees coming in and leaving on a constant basis.

The service industry is about to be taken seriously again. Some employers already have the right idea but many more do not. The industry looks bright for those who want to climb the ladder quickly.

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