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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

There Is A Lot of Youth Out There Lost Especially in the Hospitality Industry

Whether you work for tips or get paid a salary you have to save some money. They say save 10% of what you make. That seems pretty reasonable.

But with some young people today being influenced by other young people in the hospitality industry which is known for alcohol and drugs saving money for the future just doesn't hit home.

The other day someone was collecting for the lotto ticket at my wife's work. The expo they approached to see if he wanted in. He said no he had no money. They asked him why because he probably clears about $350 a week. He lives at home, he lives at home for free paying no room and board, he doesn't have a car, he is fed at home etc.. etc.. In other words he lives free.

So they asked what did he spends his money on. Drugs?

Yes was his reply straight out.

This is not isolated nowadays. This problem is rampant. I am not saying every youth is taking drugs and getting high but someone has to straighten this guy out. His parents or someone.

His whole future ahead of him. I did a radio show way back in September on co-owners of a restaurant who helped people get help who had addictions to drugs or alcohol. The link is here  They started a place people could turn to called "Restaurant Recovery." He lived through the same ordeal himself. It was quite a story this person recounted.

Sometimes people are fighting something and just want to forget things. This of course is not the way to do it. Have a listen to the show and read this below. Try to save and live within your means. Set some goals.

It is the only way.

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