Lookin' Good at 58

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sometimes in Order for Things to Change We Have to Change

So here I am healing from my hernia operation getting ready to start a week from today. Gives me a lot of time to ponder what has happened the past 8 or so years. Here is a brief run down on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. Started to teach a bar tending course at Georgian College here in Orangeville. Started off great with high enrollment until the last few years has been no sign ups at all. Why I don't know. Perhaps young people just are not interested or they get all the information off the internet now. Everywhere is the same at all the campuses.

2. 8 years ago bought the condo townhouse we currently live in.

3. Wrote a book about my younger days traveling around. You Only Live Once

4. Appeared on CBC on the documentary show entitled, The Doc Zone

5. Appeared on numerous television shows promoting the bar tending course and my book. You can see a lot of them on my you tube station

6. Health issues have cropped up. My son Adam almost lost his life because of a ruptured appendix wrapped inside his intestine. Two trips to Sick Kids hospital and now he is hopefully all healed up. My wife got some high blood pressure at this morning job she was working at. Things were going great there until corporate company bought them out and took away the tips. Then she had a hysterectomy.

7. I caught a bad case of pneumonia in 2012 then just now a hernia operation.

8. Another job my wife had promptly called her one day to say they were shutting down. So she was out of work for a while.

9. Things were going good at my job until they started opening up more restaurants in the area which took 1/2 our business away. That promptly made me look at other avenues to earn income so I ended up back to where I worked before.

10. Just last year had a successful Hospitality Industry News Network show going for 13 weeks on Voice America.com. I did it for a couple of reasons. One I would like to get into the broadcast medium one day and the second was hopefully to sell some books as well. Well with our dollar plunging and it being in American dollars I could not afford to keep it up and I think I sold one book during that time. The shows are archived forever though so have a listen to see what kind of outstanding quality the shows were. Here is one about working on a cruise ship. 

11. In 2013 I had to deal with my Mother's dementia. It got so bad she didn't even know how to use a kettle. Ended up leaving the tap running and causing $800 damage to the downstairs apartment. Had to get her in a care facility asap before she did harm to herself or anyone else. That same year my brother had colon cancer and beat it!

Now with the tooth infection at the beginning of the month and now this hernia operation I have lost a bit of weight but I am itching to get back to work. This is our final year in our condo here in Orangeville. We are going to renovate the bathroom and fix up the place and make some money on it. Then we are moving to Ottawa where there is more things to do, utilities are lower, cheaper to live, more jobs, more opportunities for my kids and also for my wife as well. This small town is way overpriced but good it is now cause when we sell we can start all over again.

Maybe something different can occur for me as I head into my 60's. But one thing is for sure we are cutting bait because unless we change nothing else will. It will be the same old struggle.It is time for the big payoff. I am not going to wait any longer. It is not over yet. Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all.

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