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Monday, April 4, 2016

If You Want to Be a Waiter or Bartender This is the Best Way to Get Started

The one thing I have noticed over the years is a lot of people who do different things for a vocation think that perhaps because they have gone to school and earned a university degree that being a waiter is a simple thing to do.

I mean being a waiter or bartender you definitely do not need a degree or major of any kind. In fact you can get a job in this line of work without any experience at all and the company will train you.

A lot of people still need to make more than what they are making in their regular job so they apply to a waiter position that may be hiring part time a few evenings a week. Some extra cash would go a long way to freeing up some debt.

So they get hired and if the company is smart like a lot of corporate restaurant chains they can train someone who has never done it before and over a good month ease them in and work with others side by side shadowing them to watch and see how it is done. Then when they are ready give a small section to start.

But if a person is applying to a very fine dining restaurant where you need experience this would be a no chance of getting hired situation or a smaller mom and pop restaurant where they need someone to do the job immediately and there is very little training except here is the table numbers and go get em.' This way usually will result in failure because quite simply it is not as easy as it looks.

I know my first job had no training and I failed miserably. There were no giant chain restaurants when I got started so I had to rely on learning on my own and working my way up the ladder usually in a hotel environment.

My suggestion to anyone wanting to break in and get trained and get off to a good start is start applying to corporate restaurants. They have the best training and promotion channels. If you are in your 20's these places offer a good social life so working there can be fun as well. Also these restaurants you can bet they will be open tomorrow and next week as well. They are always busy because of their huge marketing investments. Then when you get experience working a few years you can make the choice to stick with them or branch out and work somewhere else like the fine dining place. Learn all you can about wines and drinks etc.. as well.

The only prerequisite a person needs is to really like serving others and meeting people. If you prefer to text people rather than talk face to face stick to your day job.

One thing is for sure if you embrace this industry you will never be out of a job.

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