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Monday, March 21, 2016

We Have to Know What We Are Selling

Just the other day I went in to purchase a beverage at the coffee place here in town. When it came to my turn I ordered a large mocha. Now I don't know why but I assumed the barista knew it was coffee.

The person behind the till replied back, "Cafe Mocha." I answered yes but feeling kind of amused I asked if there was any other mocha coffees. While I was saying that I checked again and there was only the one I asked for.

He replied, " I don't know."

Now the barista was young but here was a prime example of being trained to take an order and correct the person who did not add the word cafe when ordering a mocha. I guess I should have ordered a cafe mocha rather than just a mocha.

That is when I asked if there were any other mocha on the menu. I thought maybe I would have got a bit of a laugh from him but if he wasn't sure if there were any other mocha available perhaps I wasn't too funny after all. After he said his reply he carried on and made the cafe mocha.

I think at one time we have all been guilty of not knowing everything we need to know about the menu but here is one example just recently that points to that problem. We all have to take the time before each service to know what is available and what is not.

It saves a lot of embarrassment later on.

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