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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Should a Waiter or Bartender Be Able to Declare Expenses?

A boss I worked for one time said to me being a waiter is like being self-employed. I thought about that statement and concurred with him.

If you are a waiter/bartender generally you have none of the following.

- no pension plan
- no medical or dental benefits
- no paid vacation time
- no expenses to write off such as dry cleaning and transportation costs
- no paid sick days

The only difference between a waiter/bartender and someone who runs a business is the person who runs a business is able to claim expenses.

What about if every waiter or bartender became self employed and was able to work for an establishment negotiating his or her pay. Be paid like a contract worker and just get written a check for their work plus their tips.

Then being under their own company name be able to claim expenses, claim insurance premiums for such things as medical and dental. Pay into their own pension etc..

Maybe the restaurant owner would not have to pay as much in wages. Basically a waiter would work for tips only. Claim his/her expenses etc.. I think you would see a highly motivated service staff and a bigger profit for the restaurant owner.

A win-win.

What do you think?

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