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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Napkin on the Floor

You know sometimes you find someone has dropped a napkin on the floor and it is there and the guest does not even notice it has slid off their lap.

Do you pick up the napkin and hand it back to them or bring them a new one? I always say sir you have your napkin on the floor let me get you a new one. Once the napkin hits the floor it is dirty. Don't bother handing them back a napkin off a dirty floor that has been walked upon by dirty footwear.

While we are on the subject let's say you work in a restaurant that has roll ups. In other words the fork and knife wrapped up in a rolled napkin. Hard to see if the utensils are dirty isn't it? So someone calls you over and says the fork ( missed by the person who did the roll up ) is not clean do you replace the fork or replace the entire roll up?  Just replace the roll up in it's entirety. Don't just replace the fork because if that was dirty then the other utensils came in contact with it including the napkin. Therefore they could be dirty as well.

Put the guest at ease knowing they are wiping their face with a clean napkin and eating with completely clean utensils.

Tomorrow I head into the hospital to fix a hernia so will be off the computer for a few days.

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