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Saturday, March 12, 2016

More Stupid Questions

Last night I had a table of Mom, Dad and 8 year old son. They were from a middle eastern country and nice people. But as nice as these people are they have brought a whole different set of queries now when they come to dine. More olives please that they voraciously eat off our assorted butter dish. More bread..more this.. more that.. as long as it is free.

In this case the question was what special coffee would go well with a Creme Brulee ? What is creme brulee? Does the special coffee have liquor in it? I have never been asked these questions before in 37 years of waiting on tables. There I was balancing my hands that were full of dirty dishes after they put what was left in their take out container trying to come up with an answer.

A special coffee has liquor in it, coffee, sugared rim and whip cream on top I say to her. I mean any dessert I say to her. Just pick one. Sure creme brulee is good I affirm to her.

Now there are new things to worry about. Does the sauce have alcohol in it is another worry for some?

Soon menus will have to change to accommodate different cultures.

So there you have it. Educating a whole new mass of people who have no idea what half the things on the menu mean.

It was great back in the 80's and 90's. Now I am not so sure but with few years remaining working in restaurants I am glad to be on the back end rather than starting out right now.

It is even more challenging answering these questions than ever before.

Another thing I have noticed more and more is all people want to order more of what is not on the menu that what is on it. I mean someone last night someone asked me if we could make a seafood bouillabaisse for them that used to be on the menu years ago.Sure let me whip that up for you right away sir!!

Or telling them what vegetables you have and them asking for one that I didn't mention. Sometimes I think we should print things out we cannot possibly make and go from there. Then we can give them a menu and another one answering all of their questions and requests. No we cannot do that and we do not have this.

If it's not on the menu we do not have it should be what is at the bottom of every menu.

I think this is just the beginning as rows of housing developments spring up around us.

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