Lookin' Good at 58

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More Dumb Guests

My wife working the other day was serving these guests. They saw the flyer and pointed out that they wanted the chicken with a Caesar salad as the side when asked.

Because the flyer had a picture of french fries with the chicken when my wife asked what side would they like and said the salad when she brought it out they asked where the french fries were.She had to explain that it was only a picture and french fries were used as the side but they had the option of choosing a different side. They thought they were getting the fries for free because of the photo.

Are people that stupid? Maybe they didn't know how to read the flyer.

I feel for these people..I really do.


Springs1 said...

From the way it sounds, the menu is false advertising. Sorry, but I have to agree 100% with the customer. If it's on the picture, it means it should come with that item. If I were the server, I would have told them about the fries that it didn't come with it. I think she wasn't very smart not to let them know. They weren't stupid, they were actually going by the *ADVERTISEMENT* as that's how people order. You are mean to call them stupid. If anything, the person that made the flyer was stupid to put fries on a picture if it didn't come with that.

Steven Nicolle said...

Thank you for your comment. So if there was not one side beside the chicken then I guess people would just eat the chicken then? Sorry I forgot to mention there was instructions on the flyer saying it came with your choice of side hence the waiter's question as to which side they wanted. It did say it came with one side.

So I don't know you but I guess I would have to assume then you would have not read the flyer either. Do you order by pictures?