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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Medical Benefits or Retirement Benefits?

Recently just over a week ago I had a tooth extracted. I was still in pain a week later until I felt some tingling in my lips so that is when I knew the area had become infected. Running back to the dentist I had to get some antibiotics and painkillers that I am currently taking.

I wasn't too happy with the dentist as everyone I spoke with including my pharmacist asked the question why I was not prescribed an antibiotic upon leaving. Not being a dentist who should know such things I answered I didn't know why.

Getting the tooth pulled nicked me for $217 and a lot of discomfort. One reason you did not see a wine tasting this week on my other site www.stevennicolle.com 

Now next week when this is over I go in for a hernia operation which should keep me out of work for a couple of weeks.

Presently the provincial government is trying to get people who have not put any money aside for retirement to have their payroll deductions increase so they can help us save for that day when we hang it up. Well we already pay for the Federal retirement plan through our CPP deductions on our pay stub.

So the provincial government wants to introduce a secondary plan to prop up those savings even though when we retire we will get the same amount as we would have gotten without it. In other words take more of our money and pretend they are going to use it for our own good when really all they are going to do is siphon the extra money and try to pay off some debt like they normally do or some other reason.

Why not change this around and introduce a tax so that our dentistry and expenses not covered by our provincial health care plan are either 100% covered or mostly covered. How about that for a groundbreaking idea?

I think what we have to worry about more and what cost the most is not retirement when people are downsizing and living a lot cheaper but when people are constantly being hit by high expenses to cover family cost for dentist and prescriptions. At least with medical and dental benefits the benefits are immediate. Who knows if before retirement something happens and you cannot make retirement? What was the point of having more tax deducted for something that may or may not happen?

In other words help people get to retirement. Let us worry what we are going to have for breakfast in the morning then and what movie we will rent. In the meantime do something for us now and help us cover some of these cost and get the wait times down at hospitals and stop cutting back.

I would sooner pay out $20 a week on my payroll to have these things done, see results and benefit from it now than pay more for a retirement that may or may not arrive. Especially in the service industry where wages are low.

Bad idea again by our provincial government.

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