Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lifestyle Thoughts

I was driving home Saturday night after midnight having worked close to a 13 hour shift and I began to think. I drive home on this country road where instead of watching out for cars I have to keep my eyes straight ahead of me so I can react when a deer decides to cross the road. The fog was rolling around in front of me too in the latter stages as well.

Now I have driven this 40 km route plenty of times and know what curves and hills to watch out for. It takes me between 35-40 minutes to get home. The previous job I had for over 7 years was about the same distance so commuting is not a new thing for me. The only difference was I took the highway.

Previously I have had jobs where once I had to travel 100 kms exactly to get to work. I would have it timed so when I left the house at 1:50 I would arrive about 5 minutes before my shift started at 3 PM.

Another place I worked I would get up to do the breakfast. It was a buffet too so I had to be there early enough to set it up. I started at 6 AM but that was a trip. I would time it so I would get up at 5 then shower, grab a coffee then head out at 5:20 AM once again just arriving on time for 6 PM.

Another time when I worked at Pearson International Airport in Toronto for breakfast I used to get up at 4 AM and leave the house at 4:20 then drive close to 60 kms to work. I would arrive in the employee parking area then take the train shuttle for another 5 minutes then wait for someone to sign me through security all to be there before my 6 AM start. Then it was the traffic home after lunch.

In Victoria it was another 45 minute commute to work. No good paying jobs there waiting on tables either.

All the reasons for this commuting can be attributed to one thing. There was not a single job where I lived that paid enough for my family to survive on. So I had to drive.

Well that may have been easier to do when I was younger all this commuting but right now I am not feeling it.

So the question I ask myself is why would anyone live where they cannot work? Seriously why would they? The gas, car repairs, weather challenges etc.. make it senseless not to live close to work. The money you think you are saving on mortgages you are probably wasting it on a second vehicle.

Now here is the next question you may be asking yourself. Why then would I not move closer to work?

Here is the simple truth. To move to where I work is not affordable and highly undesirable. The reason for the latter is why at this age that I am with a family and kids would I go buy a $500,000 house? Not something I am looking at taking on at 57 years of age.

I worked on board ships and at resorts with accommodation. Great when I was single but not now.

Working within a 5-10 minute commute of home is my main goal. I think I can do that but not here where I live. No way!

Next year will see a change. For sure...

If anyone commutes to work nowadays they shouldn't. It is too stupid. Anyone who is a bedroom commuter and lives in the country because it is cheaper to live is kidding themselves. Especially in the hospitality industry where the drives home are late and you miss the best part of the day working long hours.

Don't get sucked into commuting over 15 minutes to work. Live where you work and if you cannot do that find another place to do your work so you can live nearby. It is simple really.

For me the change is coming.

It is about how you want to spend the rest of your life!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Nicolle, great blog. I would like you to write something about the clientele change in the past few years. I will appreciate if you have any thoughts about this subject.

Thank you,

Steven Nicolle said...

Love to hear your thoughts on clientele change!