Lookin' Good at 58

Monday, March 7, 2016

Here is a Sign Fine Dining Has Changed Over the Years

When I started out in fine dining I couldn't start clearing the table until everyone had finished eating at the table. Nowadays before the last person is finished eating other people are pushing their plate to the side and asking you to take it away. It is just common practice now to just start clearing even if there are  a couple of people left still eating.

It is not the waiter's fault. It is that people just don't want to wait. Some people may even ask for the dessert menu before everyone has finished eating. You have not even cleared the whole table yet and someone already wants to get to dessert.

Today manners are missing. People just want to hurry and get in and out and who cares about waiting till the last person has finished eating. They are waiting to hand you their finished plate even though you just went to the table to fill up their water.

Only I would think the high high end dining will you see people considerate of others and wait till everyone is finished.

Anything less and it is almost like serving buffet. Middle fine dining went a long time ago.

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