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Monday, March 7, 2016

Don't Overdo the Quality Check

It is always important to quality check your table when they are eating their entree. That is for sure. But there is a time to do it.

You do not go back too quickly because some of the people may have not even cut into their steak yet. Some people actually eat what's around it first before eating their main component of the meal whether it be fish, chicken, or meat.

Another point not to make an early quality check is when people are cutting into their steak and let's say they have ordered it medium rare there is a chance the outer edge may be medium. Let them cut through the steak at least half way before quality checking them. If you do this too early you may quality check them and they will say it's fine but a few bites later they will be looking for you when they find out the middle of the steak is overcooked.

When you do go over for the quality check always be positive. It doesn't matter what you say it is how you say it. Always have a slightly higher modulation in your voice when asking. Have it going up rather than your voice going deeper. Going deeper will create doubt.

Just do one good quality check. If you do more than one after they have said everything is fine it may create doubt in their mind. For instance they may think you asking twice might indicate there is something they missed. Like maybe their carrots were not cooked enough? Or maybe they might say this time it is okay not good in other words...Then you just are starting to send the mood of the meal downwards.

When it is time to clear the table if they have a lot left on their plate ask them if they want a to go box. Do not ask again if everything was fine. They said it was so believe them. If you ask them again they will think of something to make you feel better about catching something wrong. Then who knows what can of worms you opened. Free dessert, liqueurs, gift cards etc..

Always do the one table check properly and do not ask again. Last of all let the people eat!

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