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Sunday, March 27, 2016

After the Hernia Operation and a Note on Customer Service Again

I hope everyone had a great holiday Easter weekend. I know for me it was restful as on the 23rd I had a hernia repaired and spent the weekend just walking around the house.

We experienced an ice storm in these parts with a lot of trees and power lines going down due to the build up. The internet, phone, and cable were all off for 42 straight hours so needless to say spent a lot of the time just sleeping and reading which when you are recuperating from an operation is probably the best thing to do.

However wanting to know more after 16 hours I gave a call to the company that provides us with all these services. I use to call when this happened before and when you entered your phone number if there was a problem in the area it you would be told immediately and that someone was working on it. It appears now they do not. I had to push several numbers after prompts to speak to someone.

Despite the long wait to speak to someone because naturally thousands of people were affected I figured whomever I would talk to would know of the problems in my area. So when I identified myself and area I was calling from the person had absolutely no idea there was any problem at all. Now you'd think before they started their shift the people answering phones would at least have some idea what was going on. Someone would have passed on the news or been given an update as to what was going on.

In one instance because I phoned about 10 hours later when I identified the area I was living this guy said is Orangeville in Ontario to which I had to respond where the heck was he located. When he said Toronto ( an hour north from where I am ) I was a bit surprised. For a minute I thought I had someone in China answering the phones.

So my problem was the impersonal way in which these people seemed to have been brought up to speed on what was going on company wide throughout their surrounding area. I liked it better when they just had the recording telling me there was a problem in my area and it was being looked after. Rather than talk to someone who knew nothing of any problem at all.

Also they should have a number to press after a prompt asking if there were any outage problems. If the recording does not happen at the beginning when you enter your number it should be easier than pressing one number prompt after another.

Just sayin...

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