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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Demographics Are Changing the Way We Serve

With the influx of immigrants from such countries as India and neighboring countries plus those of the Middle East one thing has become apparent.

What used to be a set way to serve has had to change to meet the preferences of this new diner to North America. First of all when a table orders there are no hard and fast rule on how the meal is delivered. Whatever can be ready first just bring it out. Usually they share everything too so make sure you have some extra plates on hand as the diners dig in and split up the portions around the table.

Be ready for some surprises too as one diner asked me for some slices of lemon so he could squeeze them in his beef and barley soup. Not for me but who am I to question what I would do. I just get what the table wants.

Don't worry too too much about the cleanliness of the table. Clear as much as you can when they are all finished sharing. It is similar to working a buffet. Clear, clear, clear, and keep the drinks topped up.

The tip is usually fine. In fact the service is not that difficult. All you got to do is keep the food coming and when someone ask for something just ask around before running to get it because for sure when you get back someone else will want something else.

Have fun!

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