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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Here is a Way to Get a Follow up after an Interview

Okay you have had the interview and everything seemed to go well but the interviewer is not making a decision just yet on your status as to whether you get the job or not.

Here is the one question you should ask at the end of the interview.

When will you be letting me know as to whether I have the job? So when you ask this question he/she  has to come up with an answer.

So let's say he/she answers I will get back to you in a couple of days. If it is Tuesday then it will be Thursday.

Then you have to ask this question right after. If I do not hear from you on Thursday let's say by noon can I get back to you. This sort of puts a time as to how long you can expect to wait. If he says by three. Then three it is.

If you do not hear from the interviewer then call him or her back at 3:05 ( if you still want the job ) but not from the same number you wrote down as your contact number. Call that person back from another phone that will not have your name come up on the call display. Even if you have to go to a phone booth do it.This way that person will not be able to see your name and put you on voicemail.

If you are being headed off by the receptionist just tell that person it is a very important call and that you need to speak to that person. If that person insist on finding out who you are then just say it is personal and you need to speak to that person. That you promised to call back shortly after 3 o'clock. Because after all it is personal and important to you. It concerns whether you get the job or not.

After each interview send a handwritten thank you card in the mail  not even an hour later. The person should get it the morning of the call back.This will set things up nicely and remind them of your follow up if they do not phone you.

Remember you will not hit a home run all the time but you be the one who leaves the interview with some control of over the decision making process and it's duration. Instead of waiting around endlessly for a call.

In the mean time keep filling the funnel up with more interviews. This way the nos become less important.

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