Lookin' Good at 58

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Front and Back Waiter

I am a great believer in working as a team in the dining room. If you have a solid back waiter who can run your food and clear your tables as you take on more and more tables you will end up making more money.

This way the front waiter stays in the front of the house namely the restaurant where the guests are seated and the back waiter can run your food when it is ready on the pass to take out. If coffee needs to be served or cappucino need to be made the back waiter handles it.

In this fashion the front waiter is able to take care of the front without having to worry.He or she can take more tables and being always in the front can get drink orders, serve wine and time his tables when firing them throughout the evening.

One time I had a huge section and had two back waiters running my food. At the end of 2 sittings my total sales were $4,000 for 39 covers. Over a $100 per person.

I made $750 in tips that evening and I tipped out $120 to each back waiter. Now that was some evening!

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