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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coupon Conundrum

My wife just yesterday had 3 people come in with a $14.99 coupon for a half chicken dinner that regularly goes for $22.95.

They upgraded this coupon to white meat adding another $3.00 to the bill.

Between the three of them they ordered one meal and 2 extra plates and glasses of water all around.

When it came time to give them the bill it came to $17.99 plus the tax. The guy called my wife over and said why is this bill so much. I should get $14.99 off this amount.

No my wife says that is the discounted price from $22.95. Your meal is $14.99 plus the white meat addition of $3.00.

They thought their bill should have been around $3.00 plus tax and that the coupon was $14.99 off the amount of the bill.. Can you imagine 3 people sharing one dish with a $14.99 coupon they they could eat for $3.00!

A coupon is the marked down price from the regular price and not a gift card.

How crazy is that!

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