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Monday, February 15, 2016

Characteristics of a Dine and Dash

I never in all my years ever had someone walk out without paying their bill or paying their bill in it's entirety. That is until a couple of years ago when this couple came in later in the evening when we had less staff on and this Valentine's Day when a young couple ( maybe the same people ) shorted me $80 on their bill.

Here are some things that I recall from the first time a few years ago and most recently last night.

1. They ask a lot of stupid questions. I don't know why this is. Last night I was setting a rack of lamb nearby to be delivered to this table when the guy ask me what it was. I said lamb and when I took their order he asked me if it was tender. The woman asked for the Hot Garlic shrimp to which she asked can I have the sauce on the side and if you know anything about this dish the sauce is what makes the shrimp hot. They order some wine by the glass and it is like they have no idea on what wine they want etc.. then they order a soft drink afterwards. The whole table was a bit of a trip.

2. The first example was much the same except it being a bigger restaurant and having to get by the host stand and a fair walk to the exit I noticed afterwards that they were casing the restaurant out a lot getting up frequently. I paid no attention of course but once again figured that they were planning their escape. So keep an eye on the people wandering around in the restaurant.

3 The latest one asked for the bill and when I was at another table doing the bill payment they got up and left. The first one just waited till I was in the back picking up food for the table. Then they made their getaway.

4. Another thing as well is they are not good dressers. But nowadays most people do not dress up at all like they used to on special occasions.

When it is really busy or really slow is when you have to watch out.

One thing is for certain you do not expect people to do this. You have a reasonable amount of faith in society that people will honor their payment. Even if the tip is small at least cover the bill. You would think at least it would be a given.

It is a shame really..

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