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Thursday, February 11, 2016

At What Hour Wage Would You Work for and Be Happy With if There Was No More Tipping?

North America is the only continent that works with a low per hour wage and depends on gratuities. The rest of the world gets paid a salary and a rather healthy one depending on the cost of living in that country. Tipping is not seen as being mandatory. Perhaps for exceptionally fine service would someone leave extra.

So how much per hour would a waiter work for and still cover his or her expenses and have some left over if gratuities were abolished?

I think that would depend a lot on how many hours you were employed at one establishment. If you worked only 20 hours in a spot would it be higher per hour than another place where you were employed 40 hours a week. Or how busy that spot was because in order to keep someone working for you they would need the hours wouldn't they? If it was a slow lunch for instance with hardly any tables it would be tough just to depend on the gratuities.

What about a higher hourly wage with the 15% added on to the bill? Or a higher hourly wage with bonus incentives. This bonus could be a minimum check average for example or high sales. This could still provide incentive instead of having waiters not do a good job because the hourly wage is all they are working for.

There are different ways to look at this because I believe there will be changes in the next few years on how tipping and hourly wage will work for waiters. Already some are paying their waiters more so they do not have to depend on gratuities 100%. Private member clubs already do this such as golf clubs, member's clubs etc..

Will it encourage others to stay in the industry longer? Or will it put a lot of restaurants out of business?

I believe a lot of restaurants would go out of business but I also believe for those left it will be much better and higher quality.

Anyway time will tell on what happens..but something will.

While you are pondering this post check out my appearance around the 2 minute mark on this Spanish video about Mendoza here.

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