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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20 Years Since I Left the Cruise Ship

This year is 20 years for a lot of things and as the year goes on I will note them on this blog but right now coming up in just over a month on March 10th it will mark 20 years that I left the ship in Singapore marking the end of my ship days.

A lot has changed in the cruise ship industry since then. The ships have gotten a lot bigger for one thing. As to my knowledge there are no more ships that have 114 passengers like the ship I worked on. Nowadays there are ships with thousands of passengers and hundreds of crew members. 

The most important thing though is the money is not the same. Recently someone I know took a cruise on the Allure of the Seas that has 6000 passengers and 3000 crew members. It is the biggest and from what they told me some dining room busboys just worked for room and board and would receive a token tip at the end of each cruise. That amounted to just above slavery. 

Waiters and bartenders worked all hours for a meager income as well. In a lot of ships the tip is included in the cruise so unlike my day when you used to look forward to getting that envelope the money comes in the form of a monthly salary instead. And a lot less than I was making.

All I know is I am happy I no longer work on a ship. Like a lot of things in the industry over the past 20 years I believe I worked during the best years. 

My suggestion always has been if you want to find work on a ship choose a small one if there are any left. This way you can get time to go ashore and see the sights.

If you cannot find a small ship then head to a resort location or tourist destination. It is not always how much you can make but how much you can save and have fun doing it. 

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