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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Kind of Restaurant Would I Own?

I heard someone say one time if you want to make money make it affordable to the masses.

Bearing that in mind I would have an eating establishment that would have an average check of no more than $20.00 a person. Because of the frequency now that people eat out I would want my place to be affordable to many who would frequent it many times a year.

If I was to have a restaurant with fine linen and candles with an average check of let's say $50 to $60 then I would be looking at a special occasion restaurant where people dine only once or twice a year. I would also be fighting for that once a year visit since most people would rather dress casual and kick back on their free time than dress up.

So with that in mind my establishment would be similar to a Sports Bar with multiple televisions, a chicken a rib place like a Swiss Chalet, or a coffee franchise like a Starbucks. All have high volume and low check average.

I would be able to have let's say a wing special on a slower night in the first example and other different features on different nights. A franchised Swiss Chalet always is doing chicken 20 different ways that is pretty inexpensive and your coffee place because everyone drinks coffee so many ways now. Great profit margins on coffee.

The power of owning a franchise is of course the marketing power behind it. It would be difficult to start making a name for yourself. It would be difficult to compete with a marketing machine such as Swiss Chalet or a Keg for instance where you see at any sporting event.

Because of the drinking and driving most people hardly have alcohol so what is the point of having a well stocked bar. I would offer beer on tap and a couple of house wines red and white. This and a fast bar without your premium brands. A few liqueurs and that would be it.

My main focus on the alcohol though would be on offering a really good selection of draught beer especially in the sports bar.

I guess that would be what I would do..

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