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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This is What Employers Have to Get Back To Doing

It is my belief that too many restaurant employers hire new waiters and bartenders to work only so many hours a week.

In other words many only want to hire for no more than 20-24 hours a week or only at a part time basis. When I started out back in the late 70's when you went for a waiter or bar tending position it was for at least 40 hours. People could make a living working 40 hours a week waiting on tables or serving drinks.

Now with most  places only hiring part time, employees are forced to look for other sources of income. In order for people to take this profession of waiting on tables or bar tending seriously I suggest employers start looking at people who want to work full time and make this a career. Then give them the hours to keep them in long enough to take it seriously.

If not I am afraid people will be less attracted to joining this industry as time goes by.

Let's get back to hiring serious employees who want to make this a career rather than a second income and make them stay instead of looking for something else....

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