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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Popularity of the Take Out Container over the Years

This post we are going to examine the meteoric rise of the take out container. You know the person who ask for one because they couldn't finish their meal and they want to take the bone home to their dog or save the leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Now when I was younger and ate out in restaurants ( albeit not that often ) I don't recall anyone ever asking for a take out container. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the restaurant didn't even stock take out containers unless they had a to-go menu which in that case they most certainly would have had some.

People would order usually what they could eat and if they couldn't eat it all they would simply say it was good just cannot eat it all. The waiter would then take the plate away and that would be it. Even when I started out in the late 70's early 80's no one ever asked for a to-go box to take the leftovers home.

Now you see every night every other table asking for a to-go box to take what they have not ate home with them to put in their refrigerator and eat on another occasion. Hopefully in the near future.

What changed over the years? First of all I think one of the big reasons is people do not cook as much anymore. Their time juggling different things has cut into their time to cook in the kitchen. This I believe is only their decision to make and if they wanted to they would find the time.

Second of all is I believe people when they go out their eyes are bigger than their stomach. They order way too much. I see heaps of food left on their plate. They say everything is fine but they are full. Then they go ahead afterwards and order dessert.

You talk about obesity in this age one of the culprits I believe is people when they go out and eat they eat far too much. They stuff themselves then to make matters worse they stick the bill on their credit card and that adds up as well pretty quickly leading to increasing household debt.

I wonder how many people actually do eat what they take home and put in the fridge? Then you have the people actually leave the take out container behind when they leave. What does that tell you? I guess people like to ask for a take out so they can feel they ate their full meal's worth and not feel like they ripped themselves off by letting the waiter dump the leftovers in the garbage.

I don't know why the take out container is front and center now compared to when I got started. But I can say it is increasing in popularity.

People would rather eat on the go than relax in a nice restaurant it seems. People would rather wait in their car at the donut shop than go in and order something.

Even in fine dining to go is the way to go.

One thing that is refreshing is when someone is honest and says I have had enough when you go and clear and does not ask for a container. Even commenting on how good it was. Then they will even say they are too full for dessert.

Now that is something!

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