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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The A la Carte Business Seems to be Picking Up

I have noticed that the a la carte business has been busy despite it being the first couple of weeks in January when things usually slow down a tad.

They say the Canadian economy is on the down swing and the consumer debt is high but people are still going out and eating. In fact I think it is fair to say that is about all people do nowadays is eat out a lot.

It is good for us waiters and bartenders. A lot of sectors are laying off people and tightening their belts. Businesses are not expanding or investing very much in hiring new people. It seems to be a wait and see what happens out there as our dollar reaches new lows. For us in Canada the oil boom is fizzling but at least there is hope for our manufacturing where I reside.

Back in 2003 where I work and the dollar was as low as it is now business boomed. Well 13 years later it looks like business is going to boom again this year.

I like the thought...

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