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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sometimes You Get a Table That Ask Questions that Have an Obvious Answer

The other night I got this table of 2. A couple probably in their 60's.

We have on our menu seared scallops and Malpeque oysters. An order of oysters we give a half dozen.

Here is how the exchange went ;

Him : Are the scallops really seared?
Me : Yes they are.
Her : How many oysters do you get?
Me : 6. ( It says on the menu )
Her : Are they big?
Me : Yes I would say they are.
Him : What kind of oysters are they?
Me : Malpeque. ( Says on the menu )

So they are going to order these two appetizers. They want to think about their main course. Fine with me I thought. Then just as I am walking away the guy says he may want the hot garlic shrimp as well.

I said okay and then the dialogue once again takes off in the same direction.

Him : Is the shrimp in a sauce?
Me : Yes
Him : Is it hot?
Me : Yes it is. It is hot with garlic.

The main course when they ordered it went the same way.

I thought I was in the twilight zone when I was conversing with these people answering the obvious since if they looked at the menu pretty much all their questions would have been answered.

It has happened before elsewhere.

Customer: I will have the Thai Chicken.
Me : Okay
Customer : What kind of sauce comes with it?
Me : A Thai sauce.
Customer : What is in the Thai sauce?
Me : That is when I look at the menu item and read word for word what exactly a Thai sauce is.

I am not trying to be smart or a wise guy but I find some people just ask a question because what they have read in the menu they do not believe. Maybe they think they are going to get ripped off or lied to. I don't know but one of these days I will pull my hair out on the spot.

It doesn't happen often thank heavens. Certainly if it is a question that cannot be answered on the menu I will do my best to answer it. What I have noticed though is pretty much all menus answer the obvious question. What the item is.

I sometimes just feel like saying, "It is what it is. Your eyes have not deceived you."

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