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Monday, January 25, 2016

No Matter How Busy it is This is What I Notice

We all know as waiters we get slammed. Everyone comes in the same time and it seems like the waves are coming in and there is no end in sight.

First of all when they come in all at once you know the end is near. This is because the restaurant cannot sit anymore anyway. This should give you some consolation.

Second of all there is no point in punching in the appetizers and then punching in the entrees right after. Unless they are having a soup which you can control by getting it yourself you know the appetizers are going to take at least 10 minutes to prepare. So hold back on sending the entrees in right away because you know the grill cook is going to be putting those steaks on right away and maybe your appy guy is busy making desserts as well so your appys may take a while and your steak is already cooking.

Save yourself some stress by holding back on sending the entrees through. Give yourself some time to clear the appys or refill the waters or get some drinks. I never punch in my appys until the bottle of wine has been opened and poured. First things first.

If you want to time your table even if I have a well done steak I always wait a few minutes before sending it.

Now here is what I have noticed and why I do the above. If people get their food too fast they will sit there forever afterwards. If they wait for the entrees about 10-12 minutes they will leave shortly after finishing.

In other words people no matter how fast the food comes out always leave about the same time.

It is no use stressing yourself over a rush. Take it easy. If people are in such a hurry maybe they should have gone through a drive thru...

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