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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Location Location Location

I was searching around the internet and came across a restaurant in downtown Toronto that the average price for a couple to eat there was $250.

Now this restaurant is located in a very expensive part of Toronto but $125 a person is to me quite a lot plus your tip afterward. But when I started to think about it there are probably plenty more places like that downtown where the high rollers live.

If I was starting out today right now and I was 22 years old and had a few years experience under my belt I would look into a place like that. Why you ask? Just for the experience and the wealth of knowledge and income that would be coming my way.

The places to work if you want to make this a career is the big cities. New York, San Francisco ( wine country ) Toronto, and Montreal to name a few. Make a name for yourself where you can serve a $20 cocktail with a 40 oz porterhouse steak. Open a bottle of wine that is over $500 on a nightly basis. There you go!

If you want to make this a career it will take some hard work but you can climb quicker working in the city rather than the small town on the outskirts. Choose to go big while you have the chance. Times have changed since I began 37 years ago. It was the big name hotels at the time. Now it is the smaller dining rooms in the older refurbished houses in the city centers that add the charm with the menu and wine lists that are making it happen. The location should always be where the affluent people live so you can make a living.

Put this together and you have a gold mine....

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